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Las Vegas Home - Collateral

RISK DISCLOSURE All real estate markets can be negatively affected by interest rates, availability of capital, supply and demand factors, and general economic conditions both locally and nationally. The investor should review this proposal with these risk factors in mind, and base the investment decision on both existing market conditions and potential changes in the economy, as well as the investor’s personal objectives and risk tolerance.

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Loan Amount: $1,000,000

Collateral: A custom house located in the Lakes Subdivision.

Loan-to-Value:  The home is estimated by NV Capital Corporation to have a likely sales price of $4,000,000, making the LTV 25%.

Interest Rate: 
 12% fixed interest for a 12-month period. 
*Rate of 12% with a 1% basis point differential going to NV Capital Corporation LLC results in Investors receiving 11%

12 months

Sources of Repayment: 
Primary source of repayment remains to sell the property., Secondary Source is a refinance of this loan with a NON QM lender. Third source of repayment would be cash generated from professional enterprises.

Borrower/Guarantor Profile: 

Disclosure: John Blackmon, Broker on this deal, has $100,000 of personal money going into this $1,000,000 loan as well as $175,000 of his IRA money going into this loan via First Savings Bank.

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