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Fix & Flip Rehab Loans

Fix & Flip Loans

At NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas, NV, we are here to help you secure your next fix and flip loan or rehab loan. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or have flipped homes and properties for decades, we can help you obtain your real estate financing. Get in touch with us to start the application process and find out which program works best for you.

Invest With Real Estate – Flipping Homes

Cash-rich investors create harsh competition for your average Joe trying to make money flipping homes, and they are buying up properties left and right. If you want to compete with these aggressive investors, a rehab loan might be your best option. You can gain faster access to funding which in turn, makes the seller more interested in selling to you.

You can use these short-term sources of financing to purchase property as well as fund any renovations. Typically, with hard money deals, borrowers are looking to renovate and sell the home as quickly as possible – shooting for within 6 to 9 months of purchasing the property.

  • Quick Access To Funds
  • Easy Approval Process
  • Negotiable Terms
  • Less Restrictions Than Banks

Why Choose A Hard Money Loan?

Hard money loans might seem intimidating to new investors. The phrase “hard money” refers to the property, a tangible asset, which is used as collateral. As an investor looking to purchase a property and flip it quickly, you often do not have the time it takes to jump through the regulatory hoops many banks require.

With a rehab loan, you can have access to up to 100% of the money needed for the property and renovation projects within a considerably shorter amount of time.

How Long Do You Have To Repay The Loan?

Fix and flip loans are intended to be short-term. This means you should complete the renovations and sell the property as quickly as possible. The good thing about hard money loans is that the terms are negotiable. You should always keep the loan payoff date in mind when planning your renovation project to ensure you have plenty of time to meet the terms you have agreed to.

Invest In Real Estate With Confidence

Fixing up properties for quick sales is becoming increasingly popular with Nevada investors. At NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas, we want to help you get started or continue with this type of real estate investment. Get around the long waits and even longer application process of a typical bank loan and get started on your next project today. Contact us to learn more about fix and flip loans in Las Vegas.

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