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Meet Our Team

Our team has nearly a century of combined lending experience. During that time we’ve built the connections and reputation to rank among the best in Nevada at securing funding for home mortgages and commercial real estate projects.

We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work and trust. We believe these characteristics should influence everything we do in business and in life. We sincerely enjoy the work we do, and our clients get to reap the benefits.

John R. Blackmon

Manager NMLS# 1522085 John Blackmon is the manager and broker of NV Capital Corporation LLC and serves as an expert witness for Real Estate Litigation. Mr. Blackmon was President, CEO, Chairman at Southwest USA Bank, president of Western Thrift and Loan in Reno and founder and director of Angkor Capital Bank in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Blackmon was the senior credit officer at a number of banks including Community Bank of Nevada, and Nevada Community Bank. John earned an MBA degree from the University of Washington, Michael G. Foster School of business, a BA in economics from Whitman College, and has received graduate degree in commercial banking from Pacific Coast Bankers’ Banking School.

Troy Jameson Freeman

Chief Investment Officer
NMLS# 1448385

Troy Jameson Freeman is the Chief Investment Officer/Business Development Manager for NV Capital Corporation. He brings 23 years of banking, finance, and investment experience to NV Capital. He has been involved in the underwriting, servicing, and placing of funds in over $1.7B worth of loans.

Dedicated and responsive, Troy enjoys developing deep relationships that attest to his client focus and resourcefulness. As the point of client contact for investors and borrowers alike, he works with his team, each of whom brings in-depth knowledge in particular disciplines involving our field. Troy recognizes that the lending climate can entail complex investment/lending decisions for investors and borrowers. He looks to streamline clients’ financial lives, so that clients can capitalize on the breadth of opportunities at their disposal, addressing their interests and concerns. He connects investors to borrowers and vice versa while being sensitive to the dynamic and evolving nature of each client’s story.

A reliable resource, he works with an accomplished clientele, including corporate business owners, developers, sports and entertainment personalities, doctors and other professionals throughout the United States. Whatever a client’s needs, he is relentless in his pursuit of the long-term client well-being, no matter which side of deal they are on.

Douglas E. French

Loan Originator
NMLS# 1464582

Doug French worked as a real estate lender for a number of local banks after moving to Las Vegas in 1986. He recently returned to Las Vegas after serving as the president of an economic think tank and writing market commentaries for two financial newsletter companies. In addition to originating loans for NV Capital he works as a consultant for a local developer. 

Doug French has 23 years of lending experience and graduated from UNLV with a Masters in Economics in 1992. He holds a B.A. in finance and economics from Washburn University and is the author of three books, and numerous scholarly and popular articles.

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