Commercial Land Investment

First Trust Deed on 1.35 acres of commercial land.

Your secured investment or loan awaits

Commercial Land Purchase Financed

Fully Funded – Currently Earning Interest
  • Collateral: First Trust Deed on 1.35 acres of commercial land located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Property Description: First Trust Deed on 1.35 acres of vacant land.
  • Loan-to-Purchase: 70% BPO has been ordered and property should come in with a value north of $500K.
  • Minimum Interest: 3 months minimum interest guaranty. No prepayment penalty after 3 months.
  • Borrower/Guarantor Profile: Experienced real estate developer and business owner in Las Vegas. Net Worth estimated at $2.2MM. Call for more details.
  • Sources of Repayment:
    Construction loan by NV Capital
    Refinance with a conventional lender.
    Sale of Property to a 3rd Party
  • Loan Servicing: FCI Loan Servicing will provide loan servicing at Borrower’s expense.

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