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Construction Loans

Construction Loans

Apply for a fast and easy construction loan with NV Capital Corporation and build your dream in Las Vegas, NV. We offer private financing for commercial projects even if you’ve been told no by traditional banks.

Types Of Construction Loans & Lenders

There are two types of building loans, construction-only and construction-to-permanent. There are three main types of construction lenders: traditional, private, and hard money lenders. Traditional lending comes from banks with federal regulations. Investment-funded hard money and private loans often have more flexible terms.

Would A Hard Money Loan Benefit Your Project?

Traditional building credit is hard to get, can take months, requires excellent credit, and even then, the cash draws can get delayed. Many contractors will choose hard money loans even if they have good credit because of the speed, reliability, and convenience they offer.

  • Needing Money Fast — No Delays On Getting Funds
  • Conventional Lenders Have Turned You Down
  • No Time For Traditional Procedures That Can Take Months
  • Having Less Than Stellar Credit Or Recently Changed Credit
  • Finding Flexible Terms & Options For Repayment Schedules

Factors When Choosing Financing Options

The rules banks follow can make it hard for builders to get approved. When choosing a lending program for construction, you need to think about your current situation, goals, financing options, and how much money you have to put down. Asset-based loans are secured by the building as collateral and often easier to qualify for.

Our construction loan brokers can guide you through your options and help you weigh your financing opportunities while keeping these factors in mind.

  • How Soon You Need Your Money
  • Which Contractors You’ll Work With
  • When & Where You Will Buy Land
  • Time Frame Of The Building Project
  • Terms & Options For Repayment

How To Secure Funds Fast

If you need money fast, residential or commercial hard money loans may be the bridge for your vision. Why waste time researching lender requirements to find a match based on your credit history, how much you can put down, type of project, and location? We can streamline the entire process for you so you can take advantage of limited-time opportunities or stick to tight building schedules.

Get A Construction Loan In Las Vegas

If you’re ready to get the funds you need for your project, call us at NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas to get to know all of your options. In addition to construction loans, we also offer convenient commercial mortgage financing. We look forward to becoming your go-to source for private money lending in Las Vegas.

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