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Commercial Hard Money Loans

Commercial Hard Money Private Loans

Fund or refinance your business property purchase with a commercial real estate hard money loan from NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas. Get access to real estate loan approvals fast through a privately funded direct hard money lender.

We believe in having the flexibility to loan money in the best interest of the borrower. We look forward to working with you throughout the process to set your commercial investment property up for success.

Commercial Real Estate Loans For Investors

If you’re investing in commercial property and you’re unwilling or unable to wait through the month’s long process of being approved through a bank, a bridge loan may be the best option for you. With bridge or hard money loans, you get access to funding faster without all the hassles and complicated approval processes you would experience from a traditional bank.

With our hard money options, the value of the property can be used as collateral for your loan. Hard money is also used when commercial enterprises are not able to be financed through a bank because of differing state and federal laws.

Commercial Hard Money vs. Conventional

Conventional products can take six months or more to go through and give you access to the money you need to make a commercial purchase. During this time you are vulnerable to someone who already has money in hand purchasing the property away from you. Additionally, traditional commercial avenues require your business or corporation to have a credit history or provide collateral.

Conventional Loans
  • Take 6 Months Or More
  • Require Credit History
  • Require Collateral
  • Not Available For Properties With Marijuana Tenants

Our commercial hard money or bridge loans offer several advantages over traditional products. As a private lender, we provide honest answers quickly, without wasting countless dollars and time, and are willing to use the property you are purchasing as collateral. We can secure financing for you while you wait on more traditional avenues, or if your business or corporation is new and doesn’t have a credit rating.

Hard Money Loans

  • Faster, Less Stringent Approval Process
  • Short term Loans Until Traditional Products Are Financed
  • Property Being Purchased Can Be Used As Collateral
  • Access Funds Sooner Than Traditional Lenders
  • Flexible Options

Apply For A Commercial Real Estate Loan

Don’t let the banks determine whether or not you are able to purchase that commercial investment property you’ve had your eye on. We can help. At NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas, our experienced financial brokers want to help you explore your commercial hard money loan options. If you’re interested in purchasing commercial buildings or land, and you’re having issues with the bank approval process or simply don’t want to wait, contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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