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Hard Money Vacant Land Loans

Vacant Land Loans

Get approved for vacant land loans in Las Vegas with the help of NV Capital Corporation. Build your business, commercial property, or housing development on acreage you own. If you have your eye on a piece of undeveloped property, learn more about private money financing and how we can put it to work for you.

What Are Hard Money Vacant Land Loans?

Many real estate lenders see vacant land as a risky investment, making traditional bank loans hard to get and complicated to apply for. Hard money loans make investing in acreage for commercial purposes so much simpler.

These real estate-backed loans are easier to apply for and get approved for, so you can quickly take advantage of lucrative opportunities.

  • Easier To Obtain
  • Streamlined Applications
  • Faster Approval
  • Quicker Funding Access
  • Short Term Solutions
  • Flexible Payment Schedules

Types Of Land Investments

Since urban and suburban areas are more attractive to lenders, Las Vegas can be a great place to start investing. Getting approved for your undeveloped property loan can be easier or harder depending on not only what you plan to do with it but also what’s already there.

Knowing different classifications of vacant acreage can help you go into the financing process more prepared.

  • Covered Land – has structures on it that will be demolished and replaced.
  • Infill Land – the lots around your prospective property are developed.
  • Agricultural Land – crops are grown on the property.
  • Timber Land – there are lots of trees.

What’s The Status Of Your Property?

The condition of the property you’re interested in can also make it less or more attractive to lenders. The city or county already approves entitled land for a specific type of use like industrial, retail, or multifamily real estate. Raw acreage doesn’t have any utility hookups in place. Shovel ready lots are ready for the construction phase already.

How Can You Use Vacant Land Loans?

Undeveloped acreage in Las Vegas is usually priced at a premium. When opportunities arrive, it’s crucial to have a funding option that allows you to take advantage quickly from a strong place of negotiation.

Commercial land financing through private money lenders opens up your investment options.

Apply For A Vacant Land Loan

At NV Capital Corporation, we offer hard money loans for vacant property and commercial real estate purposes in Las Vegas, NV. Contact us today to apply for vacant land financing and explore your private money funding options.

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