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Office Building Loans

Office Building Loans

Office Building Loans

NV Capital Corporation is your source for office building loan solutions in Las Vegas, Nevada. You are probably already aware of the impressive profit potential in an office building. The tenants often desire long leases, and the property may significantly increase in value. You may be browsing the listings of distressed office buildings or checking out sparkling new constructions. But whichever you choose, you will need to find the right commercial loan and you will probably desire quick funding.

What Types Of Loans Finance The Purchasing An Office Building?

Hard Money Loans Offer Many Advantages

Commercial hard money loans allow you to use the property you purchase as collateral. These private loans are funded through a broker instead of a bank. Hard money loans are popular with property flippers and other investors because they are funded faster than traditional loans. The long wait for a conventional loan (up to six months) can leave hopeful buyers defenseless as cash buyers close deals quickly on desirable properties. Using the property as collateral can make these loans possible for buyers who do not have established credit or a large savings account.

Commercial Bridge Loans Give You Fast Access To Funds

Another option is a bridge loan. This commercial loan (also known as a “swing loan” or “gap loan”) can give you faster access to funds than a traditional loan. It can be a practical short-term option while waiting for approval on a conventional loan. This commercial financing solution can help you to :

  • Move Quickly When A Property Is Available For Sale
  • Make Interest-Only Payments For Up To Three Years
  • Make Low Monthly Payments At Competitive Interest Rates
  • Begin Earning Income Before You Start Paying Back The Principal

Take Advantage Of Bargain Prices With Distressed Property Loans

Are you interested in renovation and reselling? Distressed properties are often listed well below market value. They can be outstanding opportunities for investors, but they are not always easy to finance. It can be challenging to get a conventional loan on a property that is not in top-notch condition. A distressed property loan is usually a short-term investment that allows the buyer to make improvements and resell quickly at a profit. You will find that distressed properties are in situations like these:

  • Owners Of Foreclosed Properties And Soon-To-Be-Foreclosed Properties Want To Sell Quickly
  • Owners Who Are In A Short Sale Position Are Open To Low Offers
  • Properties That Didn’t Sell At Auction Are Owned By Real Estate Companies Who Are Ready To Sell

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