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Cannabis Real Estate Loans

Cannabis Real Estate Loans

For entrepreneurs, cannabis real estate loans offered by NV Capital Corporation are an excellent way to take your Las Vegas, NV cannabis business to the next level!

  • Hemp Stores
  • Dispensaries
  • CBD Stores
  • Marijuana Warehouses

Difficulties Surrounding Cannabis Real Estate Loans

Traditional financing is often hard to obtain for cannabis companies & dispensaries. Although these cannabis shops can have a high amount of clientele and build a dedicated customer base, loans are still difficult to come by due to the risks associated with a marijuana business.

Risks of Owning a Shop

Marijuana businesses are highly susceptible to robbery and theft. In fact, a 2015 analysis found that one in two dispensaries are burglarized. This also makes banks hesitant to issue traditional loans.

Traditional Views

Many customers flock to Marijuana shops due to the benefits available from CBD, Hemp, and Marijuana products. However, traditional conservative views ignore the benefits and see marijuana as a potentially harmful drug that is illegal federally.

Solutions For Financing Your Cannabis Business

Fortunately, there are other options besides traditional commercial loans to finance your dream Marijuana business. Hard money, also known as private money, can be used as an alternative way to finance a marijuana-based business. These loans use collateral such as property and are given by an independent party rather than a bank.

Minimal Restrictions

Hard money loans are an excellent way to get past the red tape associated with banks and cannabis. This lets you focus on growing your cannabis business instead of stressing about the money to cover start-up costs. With hard money loans, a private lender won’t take federal legality into consideration, and instead, their intentions are to help you make money and earn their money back.

Quick Approval

Hard money is processed and approved much faster than traditional loans. This is because they are not processed by a traditional bank, but rather a single lender can make the decision. This is much faster and you can have money in your pocket right away.

Finance Your Cannabis Business Today With NV Capital Corporation

At NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas, NV we’re here to help your business thrive by offering cannabis business loans. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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