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What Is A Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Loans Las Vegas

When it comes to hard money loans, NV Capital Corporation wants to make sure you make the best financial decision on your next Las Vegas property. We are a privately funded, direct hard money lender. Whether you need advice on the best options for your current financial situation, or how to build your wealth over time, we can help you decide if a hard money loan is a viable option to help you get where you’d like to be.

  • Faster Access To Funds
  • Less Stringent Approval Process
  • Freedom To Negotiate
  • Potential Flexibility In Payment Schedule

Hard Money Loans Explained

Primarily used in real estate transactions, hard money loans are generally funded through a specialized broker instead of a traditional bank. These private loans are an alternative option for investing in commercial property and land, single family homes, and multi-family homes. So, the next time you’re looking to buy real estate, upgrade, refinance, or fix and flip properties, why not consider this flexible option and use the property as collateral?

Private loans are generally short-term and are negotiated between you and your lender. Since the value of your property may be used as collateral, your credit score or previous bankruptcy may not even factor in your loan approval.

Commercial Investment Loans Vegas

Commercial Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan, or bridge loan, can be used to invest in either commercial or residential real estate. So, whether you are buying a new warehouse or investing in a multi-family fixer-upper, you can get funded without perfect credit or a wealth of savings.

Fast Funding & Shorter Terms

The funding timeframe for private money loans is dramatically reduced compared to traditional bank loans. These types of loans are often sought by property flippers who intend to renovate and re-sell the property within a year or less.

Get A Hard Money Loan in Nevada

NV Capital Corporation can help you reach your financial goals with a hard money loan in Las Vegas. If you’re interested in getting into real estate or property flipping, hard money loans are an excellent way to obtain funding without all the hassles of going through a bank. Contact us today for more information on our loan options.

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