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Industrial Park Loans

Industrial Park Loans

Industrial park loans allow you to acquire, develop, and improve your commercial property. If you have property zoned for industrial development, including warehouses, you can benefit from commercial real estate loans. In particular, NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas offers private money loans that give you the capital you need to push forward with your plans.

What Is An Industrial Park Loan?

Industrial park lenders give you the capital you need to pursue your development goals.

  • Data centers
  • Research and development facilities
  • Showrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Cold storage buildings

Benefits Of Using Hard Money Lenders For Industrial Park Construction

When you need fast funding for an industrial park build, expansion, renovation, or improvement, choosing hard money real estate loans has its advantages.

  • Convenience
  • Flexible terms
  • Collateral

Convenience Of Fast Closing

It’s time-consuming to apply for financing for traditional mortgages or construction builds. In fact, it can take months to receive approval and close. In the meantime, your project comes to a grinding halt. For large-scale development projects, hard money loans can provide funds within weeks.

Flexible Terms To Better Meet Your Needs

Hard money loans offer more flexibility. Private lenders aren’t bound by the same rules as banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, you can control the terms of your loan, such as requesting a tailored repayment structure and reduced origination fees.

Use Your Property As Collateral

The property serves as collateral, making it easier to close on the financing quickly. This means you won’t have to put up other personal or commercial assets to obtain industrial park financing.

The Different Types Of Industrial Park Loans

There are several types of financing options to choose from.

  • Industrial Park Acquisition: Can be used for the rehabilitation and redevelopment of existing properties.
  • Refinancing: Mini-perm loans typically last up to five years and can be refinanced with a 30-year takeout long at a fixed rate.
  • Industrial Construction: Interest-only construction financing offers short-term lending, typically up to 18 months, with no principal payments.
  • Warehouse Commercial: Hard money loans can also be used to build or acquire warehouses.

Advantages Of Choosing Private Money To Build Or Buy An Industrial Park

Private Nevada real estate loans are easier to access and give you more control over your funding options. You can avoid long delays, credit checks, and other negative repercussions impacting your investment return. It can help you build or buy your industrial park more quickly if you have a tight timeline. Further, private lenders are typically more flexible with payment schedules, which gives you greater negotiating power.

Most Flexible Industrial Park Loans In Nevada

NV Capital Corporation in Las Vegas offers private lending solutions for industrial park construction, development, renovation, and expansion. Contact us today to discover why commercial borrowers have trusted us with their hard money loan solutions for decades.

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