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Restaurant Real Estate Loans

Restaurant Real Estate Loans

Make your investment or commercial property ownership goals a reality with Las Vegas restaurant real estate loans from NV Capital Corporation. According to, restaurants are responsible for around 15% or 219,200 of the jobs in Nevada, and this number is expected to increase to 252,100 jobs by 2029. Each dollar spent in this sector contributes about $1.70 to our local economy as a whole.

If now’s the time you’ve decided to invest in restaurant real estate, either to build your own or as an investment, we can help you access a variety of financing options to take advantage of today’s opportunities quickly.

Types Of Restaurant Loans & Financing

There are many types of restaurant real estate loans available to Nevada investors and entrepreneurs. If you’ve borrowed funds for a hospitality business before, you’ll be familiar with how this type of lending works and what it takes to qualify. The types of lending you are eligible for will depend on how much time you have to make a decision, the types of income/assets you have, how much you want to put down, and your creditworthiness.

Types Of Commercial Loans

  • Stated Income Lending
  • Low Doc, No-Doc Financing
  • Hard Money Real Estate Loans
  • Conventional Commercial 5-Year Mortgages
  • Small Business Loans — SBA
  • USDA B Loans

Why Choose Private Lending For Restaurant Real Estate?

As with many opportunities in Nevada, often, the sooner you can act on a restaurant real estate purchase, the bigger chance you have to benefit from the opportunity. You may not have time to wade through all the traditional bank lending red tape. Credit fluctuations, tax liens, past foreclosures, and bankruptcies don’t have to mean lost investments when you rely on hard money, private lending.

  • Options even when the banks say no.
  • Based on assets instead of credit rating or income.
  • Borrow short term, between 1 and 5 years.
  • Fast, flexible approvals and funding.

How Will You Use Your Hard Money Real Estate Loan?

Are you a new restaurant startup, trying to buy and build a franchise, hoping to add more profitable locations, or looking to develop a mixed-use property? You can buy out, build, rehabilitate, or remodel any type of restaurant with the right kind of loan. Hard money real estate financing frees you from many of the restrictions you might run into with conventional commercial borrowing.

How will you use your restaurant real estate loan?

Get Approved For A Restaurant Loan In Nevada

Skip the long wait times and stacks and stacks of paperwork. Don’t let loan restrictions keep you from profiting on a café, grill, coffee shop, casual dining, fine dining, fast food, bar, pub, bistro, or diner establishment. Start your Las Vegas restaurant real estate application. Contact us at NV Capital Corporation today.

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