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Mixed Use Property Loans

Mixed-Use Property Loans

Investors in the Las Vegas area can count on NV Capital Corporation for their expertise and guidance regarding mixed use property loans. The world of investment properties can be difficult to navigate, and even experienced investors may sometimes find challenges related to securing mixed-use real estate financing or related transactions.

What Are Mixed-Use Properties?

Simply stated, mixed-use real estate is zoned for different purposes. A single building may have both residential and commercial units. It is also possible to find properties that combine industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations.

Why Is It Sometimes Challenging To Obtain A Mixed-Use Mortgage?

In many cases, specialization is the key to success. Banks generally use formulas to determine whether a loan is a good investment. Mixed-use properties complicate these formulas by combining multiple categories of financing. Home mortgage lenders or commercial banks are both reluctant to lend outside their specialties.

What Are The Finance Options For Buying A Mixed-Use Property?

Commercial real estate loans are secured against commercial properties rather than residential real estate properties. It is possible to use such financing for real estate that includes both commercial and residential units.

What Are Commercial Bridge Loans?

As the name sounds, bridge loans provide a means to fill a cash flow gap in between financial events. Such funding is commonly used in real estate to cover a period before a piece of real estate is sold or long-term income begins. These are short-term and typically come with higher interest rates.

What Are Commercial Hard Money Loans?

Normal loan applications often consider credit records and the potential income of the property. Hard money is secured by the real estate property in question. These are short-term loans that are usually provided by private businesses as opposed to banks.

Why Are Hard Money Mixed-Use Loans Beneficial To Commercial Investors?

Hard money loans are useful for commercial investors because they are more flexible with a shorter application process. Because these loans are based on the value of the property, they usually involve faster approvals and can include a wider variety of property types.

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