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Real Estate Loans For Master Planned Communities

Real Estate Loans For Master Planned Communities

Taking out hard money construction loans for the financing of master-planned communities in Nevada continues to be a great financing source for real estate professionals and developers. These communities have continued to be popular housing options for residents, which makes them a great investment for many investors.

What Is A Master-Planned Community?

Master-planned communities tend to be extremely large, taking up at least 25 acres of land, but can be as large as 100 acres. These communities include retail, office, and residential units, as well as others that are used mostly for residential development. Nevada’s master-planned communities remain popular due in part to the amenities they provide, which can include:

  • Onsite pool, fitness center, clubhouse, and other amenities.
  • Management companies handle many maintenance tasks, including lawn care and trash removal.
  • Improved security and a sense of community with others in the same subdivision.

How To Finance The Development Of Master Planned Communities

These communities can be a good option for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio. However, because these projects tend to be very large, they are completed and phases and can be capital-intensive. Generally, you will need construction loans and vacant land loans. Taking out commercial hard money loans is one option for Nevada real estate loans for this project type. There are many advantages to this type of financing.

Flexibility Of Commercial Hard Money Loans

Unlike a bank loan, which has more rigid standards, hard money and private money lenders offer more flexible financing options. This can allow you to build a loan that matches up well with your business plan in terms of size, term length, and use of funds. A real estate financing professional can help you figure out a finance structure that works for your business.

Less Money Down With Hard Money Loans

The cost of purchasing or developing commercial investment properties can be quite high, and traditional banks often require down payments of 30% or more. With hard money, private loans, down payments can be reduced significantly. This can help free up additional capital for this and other projects.

Commercial Real Estate Funding in Las Vegas

Nevada Capital Corporation ranks among Nevada’s top brokers for commercial real estate funding and hard money loans. We match you with the best lender or investor for your commercial loan needs. Whether you need hard-money residential or commercial real estate, we can help with real estate loans in Las Vegas. Contact our experienced brokers to get your Nevada project fast-tracked.

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